Jane will keep us together.
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This just in: sometimes, the internet is an awesome place.

Sure, the Google Machine is the source of 98 percent of the self-involvement in the world. Yes, it offs the occasional brain cell.  But sometimes? Sometimes, the internet is just brimming with cool, interesting-if-symptomatic-of-having-too-much-time-on-one’s-hands stuff. To wit: all of the following gems include interesting and/or unusual takes on Jane and her work—and all of them came across our radar within the last few days.

People, if this is the volume of creative Austenian stuff coming out of people’s brains in three days, what are we doing with ourselves? We could be an army! A non-employed, fond-of-neighborhood-news, Empire-waisted army! We could bring back the eating of syllabub. We could encourage the taking of picnics in the countryside. We could offer important insights on the nature of true love, and bring back the social calling card! Hell, we could conquer the universe—or the Home Counties, at the very least—with the power of our lady novels.

Who’s with me?

A comic meditation on Jane Austen mashups from Hark, A Vagrant!, aka awesome history comics by Kate Beaton.

The Reverse Jane Austen Principle, via Pixiepalace. To which we say, yeah! While also sidling offstage to watch 13 Going on 30. Again.

Sex and the Jane Austen Girl, a brand-new web series on Babelgum, based on The Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict.

The appropriate response to much of my high school class, via Jane Austen Today

This woman’s job is to talk to people about Jane Austen! How can we get in on that gig, and do we think it’s brought to you by the letters P, h, and D? Via Jane Austen’s World

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